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Plantas de terra seca - Dry land plants

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These compact young plants are grown outside in the sun, wind and rain - the way they live in the future. Most of these plants are only produced for one season ensuring they are young and vigorous which helps them establish quickly in the garden.

Roots allow a plant to absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil and a healthy root system is key to a healthy plant. Our grid pots also have deep root anti-spiraling indentations in the wall that guide the roots downwards and naturally prune them as they come into contact with air. This creates a much denser fibrous root system within the pot. This system produces strong healthy plants with a much better chance of survival when planted out.

For the best root growth we offer plants in deep 19 cm by 10 cm square 1,4 litre anti-spiral grid pots


Compact tough little plants with well developed root systems

A wide range of mediterranean dry land species

Plants are young and vigorous with deep healthy roots

Compact plants with excellent root to shoot ratio’s

We use natural composts, biological fertilisers and no pesticides


Well developed young plants with excellent deep roots!


Large and small drought tolerant species for hedging and screens


Affordable plants offered in quantity priced by the square metre


We have a large selection of succulents for landscaping


Grown in special pots that promote strong branched root growth

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Why produce plants in these pots? With our fibre pots the plants go straight into the ground thus avoiding “transplantation shock”. We only use natural low nitrogen fertilisers, coir and compost substrate, this mixture together with the fibre pot gives excellent penetrability to water.

While growing in the nursery the plant roots are naturally entwined in the fibre and pruned by the air. This builds up a dense protected root system. Like our open grid pots, this action also prevents roots from spiraling. The pots are made from virgin wood fibre and do not contain any additives.

These fibre pots are totally bio-degradable in the soil so we (and you!) have no plastic wastage or re-cycling responsibilities.

Pots are deep and prevent spiraling root growth

Plants are young and vigorous, not root bound

Avoid transplant shock  when planting

Completely bio-degradable, no plastics involved

Please note - fibre pots are only available as an advance order

Fibre pots are 1,2  litre square 19 cm deep - there is no need to remove the pot

We have a range of appropriate trees and shrubs that can be used for informal and formal hedging. The species we use are a mix of tough natives and selected exotics.

We suggest starting with small plants wherever you can because they transplant and grow more vigorously than an older larger plant. But if you need an immediate screen you may be tempted to invest in older and taller plants. We may offer a few species in larger sizes, but still believe that small young plants are a better option. They will cost a fraction of the price, will need less irrigation and will grow and establish faster. They are also easier to plant. Consider installing a temporary simple fence using light shade netting for an instant screen, which can be removed after a couple of years.

Several native species, including mixes of species, can be clipped to provide a solid green wall of vegetation that requires no water in the future.

Hedges provide natural screening and protection against wind

Flowering and fruiting shrubs are valuable for insects and birds

We offer a range of interesting species for year round interest

Great for boundaries where wall or fence height may be restricted by law.

We offer plants in a wide range of  container sizes. Native and exotic species are available to order.

To cover ground you need more than a few plants. We produce small affordable tough little plants at competitive prices.

The climate of Southern Europe is extremely harsh in the summer months and yet many of us would like to see a green garden all year round. With clever use of drought and heat tolerant ground cover plants, it is possible to achieve this. There are other advantages too. Shading the soil will improve the micro climate of the garden – cooling the environment for you and create kinder growing conditions for your other plants. The right ground cover plants will smother weeds and need less irrigation than individual isolated plants. On steep ground they will reduce erosion from wind and rain. Unlike grass, ground cover plants offer a nice variation through the year with flowers and texture. Most will require very little maintenance.

Reduce erosion in winter and dust in summer

Order cheaper smaller plants per square metre

Reduce irrigation and maintenance

Improve the micro climate of the garden and lower the temperatures around your house

We produce plants in the appropriate size container for the job - discuss your requirements with us first.

Many succulents do very well in dry climates, both in full sun and in those awkward shaded areas. Succulent plants are a great choice for low maintenance, low water use gardens. Most of them originate from hot, dry parts of the world and they are well adapted to cope with our climate here. There is a huge range and variety available, from soft ground covers like Sedum rubrotinctum to huge architectural statement plants like Agave ferox.

There are different succulents to suit sunny or shady areas of the garden. Many of them flower during winter and have colourful  foliage during summer. Most will cope with the poor rocky soil that many people have in southern areas and once established will require no water except for rain.

We grow a very wide variety of ready to plant large succulents that are not normally available.

We can supply plants in vases for balconies and terraces

We hold large specimen plants, particularly Aloes

Plants available in quantity for ground cover

Completely bio-degradable, no plastics involved

Large specimens plants available, ground cover and evergreen shrubs for sun & shade

We grow trees from seed or cuttings, depending on whichever is appropriate but we always try and source from local stock. We collect our seed from all over southern Portugal and Spain, wherever we see something doing well and surviving the harsh conditions here.

Normally we advise you only plant small trees that stand a better chance of adapting to their new conditions but our trees are available in all sizes from 30 cm upwards, the right species at the right size for your project.

Like our other plant stock we use a special root pruning pot to help promote a well branched root system helping the tree establish into in its new conditions.

If you are planning a garden we can contract grow the trees you want in advance. In fact this is how our nursery first started, when we failed to find decent quality trees available to buy here, we started to grow them ourselves for our clients.

Plants are young and vigorous, not root bound

A wide range of native stock particularly in small forestry sizes

Special containers ensure roots don’t spiral

If you are planning a garden we can grow the trees you want in advance

A wide range of trees suited to our climate, we can grow trees to whatever size you want.

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We grow plants that are adapted to the dry land conditions in southern Spain and Portugal, both mediterranean hardy perennials and succulents.

We choose plants that require very little water and maintenance. We produce an increasing range of dry land plants that are typical of the worlds mediterranean regions and these are available to order online.

These type of plants offer a huge range of foliage types, colours, textures and most of them have spectacular flowers. With a little care and knowledge they are generally easy to grow and care for.

Plantas de terra seca - Dry land plants

We offer a range of herbaceous perennials which are typical of the mediterranean climate zones of the world. Many are native to Portugal and southern Europe, but a few originate from areas like southern & northern Africa or California for example, where the climatic conditions are very similar to here.

With a changing climate, we are experiencing hotter drier summers and unreliable rain during winter. Many people are becoming very conscious of the ‘cost’ of irrigation water in all senses of the word and are aiming to create gardens that will be sustainable. By choosing plants that are naturally adapted to these conditions, we can enjoy a garden that is varied and attractive throughout the year. Another benefit is reduced maintenance labour, as this type of planting does not require frequent tending to keep it in check.

To ensure your new plants adapt and establish quickly, we produce them in special pots with our own tried and tested growing media. These are different to what you will be used to seeing in garden centres, so please look at the information below.

Ground cover & Lawn alternatives            Hedges, screens & shrubs              Aloes & other succulents              Trees, large & small

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Return our pots to us and we will re-use them again and again - no plastic waste

Mediterranean climate perennials


Small well developed young plants with excellent deep roots. We can produce plants in special fibre pots ready to plant  straight into the ground without disturbing the roots



Plants have their roots air pruned while growing in the nursery. This produces a strong compact plant with an excellent well developed root system. Tough plants for tough sites


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