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Aeonium sedifolium

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Tipo de planta: Small shrub | Pequeno arbusto
Boa planta para: Growing in walls | Paredes rochosas
Natural de: Canary Islands | Ilhas Canárias
Flower colour | Cor da flor: Yellow | Amarelo
Flowering season | Época de floração: Spring | Primavera
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A smaller Aeonium with a compact habit, typically growing on dry cliffs in it's native habitat of Tenerife. The plant rarely exceeding 50 cms in height and spread, useful to plant into dry stone walls. The rosettes are small and formed with thick fleshy leaves similar to those of a Sedum. The foliage is initially green but later forms stripy red veins within the individual leaflets. It is a compact plant that will grow in both full sun and partial shade. Unlike other Aeoniums the inflorescence is borne on short spikes as conspicuous small bundles of bright yellow flowers.

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