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Cistanthe grandiflora

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Tipo de planta: Clump forming | Formação de tufos
Boa planta para: Containers, dry slopes, full sun | Vasos, declives áridos,solpleno
Natural de: Chile
Flower colour | Cor da flor: Pink | Rosa
Flowering season | Época de floração: Summer | Verão
This plant is offered in an AS Fibre Pot. Preparation will take between 4-6 weeks from the date of your order | Esta planta é oferecida num vaso de fibras AS. A preparação levará entre 4 e 6 semanas: .
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Cistanthe grandiflora (Calandrinia spectabilis) or Rock Purslane is a low-growing succulent from Chile with fantastic luminous pink flowers held on tall stems floating above the blue green foliage. Flowers produced over a long period in spring and summer.

Cistanthe grandiflora flowers attract bees and butterflies. The leaves are evergreen. The flowers last one day. It still produces a long flowering season due to the quantity of flowers. It grows to 60cm in tall. Cut back spent flower stems to promote more flowers.

Cistanthe grandiflora is drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant, once it is established. Grow it in full sun or partial shade. Plant it in well-drained soil. Avoid watering Cistanthe grandiflora during winter. It does well in most types of soil.

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