Salvia Bee's Bliss

Salvia 'Bee's Bliss' (Bee's Bliss Sage) - This native California shrub grows low to the ground, never exceeding 50cm but it can be 2 meters wide, particularly when draping over rocks or walls. It has an extended bloom with whorls of lavender-blue flowers on 1 foot long spikes from mid-spring into early summer, rising above the sage-like grey-green leaves. Its a plant for full sun and needs to be watered sparingly. Like most Salvia's it will benefit from a good deep watering when its hot, shallow frequent watering doesn't help it develop deep roots to survive in poor soils. Overhead irrigation which can promote powdery mildew so keep it away from sprinklers. With its dense foliage frequent watering often leads to disease and rotting off. This plant is quite drought tolerant and will also grow in coastal gardens.

Looks its best with occasional deep watering. Considered hardy to 20-25° F but has reportedly survived to 18° F without damage. Makes a great groundcover, particularly on slopes and attracts bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other birds to the garden but is not particularly attractive to browsing animals. It is a garden hybrid that was selected in 1989 by Roger Raiche at the University of California Botanic Garden and named by Marcia Donahue.

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