Plantas de terra seca - Dry land plants


Jardimseco is a small nursery in the East Algarve specialising in plants for dry mediterranean gardens. Here we propagate and grow our own stock in conditions they are likely to endure when they are planted out.

Many years of practical experience and experimentation have taught us what will and will not grow in these varied and sometimes harsh conditions.


The way we produce plants has evolved through necessity over the years. Our clients wanted plants secured in advance and long before the limited (and often unreliable) planting seasons. By asking for plants in advance we realised we had time to offer a more diverse and extensive species list, offering many plants that otherwise would not be commercially viable. When clients ordered the plants in advance it gave us the opportunity to produce small numbers of a species for them, at the right size, age and stage of develop for planting in dry land conditions.


Our plants are grown on until they are well established and tough, so we are confident they will transplant and grow well in the Algarve and southern Portugal.


We have no retail outlets or garden center. If you wish to order plants please take a moment to read about the pots and growing media we use. It may be different to what you are used to buying from garden centres - more information here

We do not produce large numbers of any species, just enough for our clients needs.  You can order the plants you need and we’ll have them ready at the best time for planting.


Our plants are generally pretty tough and need little water once established. We think it takes two years to get a plant fully established and during that time you will have to water when the plant needs it. So much depends on the depth and quality of your soil as well as the plants exposure to the sun and wind.

If you have any questions please use the online facility to contact us at the bottom right of any of the websites pages.

For more information please look at our Frequently Asked Questions

Viveiros Jardimseco - Algarve


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Viveiros Jardimseco, Algarve - Plantas de terra seca - Dry land plants

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