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Plant orders from our nursery

Availability - the store contains 3 availability categories

  • Plants ready for despatch, collection within 14 days

  • Plants we have but they are still growing into their containers. These are offered for reservation and will be released once they are ready. An estimated date for their availability is given.

  • Plants that we only hold a limited stock of, or only propagate occasionally or on demand. This also includes plants we are going to propagate in the near future.

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Pre-order advance
Limited Stock

Production or collection dates

Next Planting Season - Advance Pre-order (3+ months)
(Autumn Planting or Spring Planting Seasons)

This is our preferred option as we have more time to select and prepare the plants for you. Normally this gives you more choice of species and the price is discounted to encourage customers to use this option. We hope it makes sense to secure the plants you need before the planting seasons arrive.

This plant only propagated occasionally or by customer request

These species are marked "PO" or "Limited stock" to order only, they can be selected by themselves or as part of any normal order. We'll contact you and let you know when we can produce them for you. In some cases we may have a few ready to go, in others we'll be as realistic as we possibly can and let you know - read more

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Sizes available

This is usually the size of container in volume. Normally a 1,4 litre Fibre Pot or for larger plants 2, 3 or 5 litre plastic containers. Sometimes you will be asked to choose.

Limited stock plants and advance pre-orders (PO)


For many years we've had species in our nursery that haven't been for sale, or we haven't had time to propagate them, or we think there isn't sufficient demand for them. Sometimes we have plants that will only produce viable seed now and again, sometimes we can only manage to strike a few cuttings each year or only a few plants germinate. In these cases we may only have a few plants for all our efforts. On the other hand we don't want to produce large quantities of plants and then find out there aren't any buyers for them, that's such a waste.


For all these reasons its very difficult to offer them on our website and then guarantee we can supply them, however we would like people to have them. To this end we've created a new category where people can request a species and we will produce it to order. Obviously this will take time but how we cope with this fourth dimension, of time, is what growing plants and gardening is all about.



Advance orders (PO)
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