Aloe x nobilis in Afarroba park land
  Plantas de terra seca - Dry land plants

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - About our plants

Is the nursery open to the public?

We are not open to the public and we have no facilities for the public, but you can collect plants you have ordered from us by prior arrangement. When you do this (and subject to the COVID 19 government regulations), we may be able to show you around our nursery.

Why should I order plants instead of going to a garden centre?

We offer a wide range of species in limited numbers and only at the right time for planting. Garden centres need a supply of plants throughout the year and we don't produce our plants in this way. We aim to offer a very different range of plants to most garden centres in Portugal.

Do Jardimseco only have a limited stock of plants?

Well, yes ...and no. We propagate most of our own material from scratch, whether from cuttings, seed or other methods. We try to offer a diverse choice of dry land plants suitable for Algarve soils and climate. We have around 500+ species to choose from. In theory we can produce many more plants than is shown on our stock list but only if our customers tell us they want the plants in advance.

Why do I have to order in advance?

Put simply, because we need time to progagate and grow them. By ordering plants in advance of the planting seasons it allows us to offer customers a much wider range of species. It allows us to grow them at the best size and age for our climate and it allows us to produce some species in very small quantities. If we did not have advance orders this would not be commercially viable. It means we don't have to second guess the market and produce fixed numbers of plants, many of which may not sell because the normal 'consumer' market is not interested in them, for example after they have finished flowering. In our opinion plants are often produced in the wrong sizes, with flowers and growth manipulated by hormone treatments and controlled environments such as poly-tunnels, just so they can be mass marketed in garden centres, sometimes this is detrimental to the plants ability to establish and grow in the longer term. We are not saying that these plants are of an inferior quality, just that they are often not suitable for the harsh environments that many of our customers have as a 'garden'. It is our objective to get plants ready for you at the best time for planting without the need for a lot of water (with some species, they will not survive if given water in summer) - therefore we need to know when you want them in advance. As soon as it starts to rain, Autumn is generally the best time to plant, however some species will do better in Spring when the weather is warming up. We will advise you on this when you order We now offer most species in fibre pots because we believe they ensure the best possible root structure for good establishment. If we do not sell these plants within a given period the fibre pots will degrade, so this also means it is important that we get advance orders from our customers. More information on fibre pots here.

Are any of the plants you sell poisonous?

Please don't eat any part of our plants unless you really know what you are doing. Our advice is not to consume, rub or poke yourself anywhere with any of our plants. Most poisoning incidents with plants are not accidental. They are the result of people deliberately eating, smoking or otherwise using parts of a plant for medicinal purposes. Even some of the common garden plants such as Oleander can be extremely poisonous so we have listed edible plants in a separate category. If a plant is commonly consumed we will say so. If you are determined eat a plant please do a detailed search on Google first, ask a specialist...... and then think again - as some of the information given may be wrong!

Who is Paisotec Unip Lda?

Viveiros Jardimseco is a trading name for the nursery owned by Paisotec Unipessoal Limitada. All financial transactions including Invoices/Facturas and all IVA transactions are conducted through Paisotec.

Are Jardimseco plants produced organically?

Almost.....we grow our plants in coir fibre from sustainable sources combined with unprocessed live compost, organic fertilsers, vermicompost and perlite to make our own growing medium, varying the mixture depending on the species. Sometimes we have to use a little peat (again from sustainable sources). We add sophisticated time release fertilisers, but these are used in very small quantities (these are the tiny bright coloured beads you can sometimes see in the compost). We do not use any herbicides, pesticides or growth hormones - inorganic or organic.

2 - About our shop, ordering & payment for plants

What are my collection and/or delivery options for my order?

Collection of your order - when you place the order we will agree a provsional date with you. This will be the date when the plants are ready for collection. Each week we will plan to have plants ready to be picked between Tuesday & Saturday, but the exact date will be agreed with you beforehand by email. Delivery - We can deliver within the Algarve at cost using our own transport. Please contact us for further details - Contact Us

Can I add or change my order?

If you want to add or remove plants to an existing order you will have to email us so we can manually make the changes to your order. If you reduce quantities please note that we will have incurred some production costs for these plants. We will always try and re-allocate these plants to other customers but if this is not possible you will may loose the 50% deposit/value of those plants you have cancelled. If plants you want are no longer showing as being 'In stock' you can always ask and we may still be able to produce them, or sometimes offer an alternative size.

What is 'My or Your Wishlist'?

At any time you can put plants that interest you into 'Your Wishlist' and they will be there next time you visit the store. "Out of Stock" plants can also be saved in your Wishlist so you can easily see when they become available again. Stock of the plants and prices are automatically updated even if they are in your Wishlist. So long as you use the same email address they will remain there indefinately. Please note that these plants are not reserved in any way and if other customers buy them they will go out of stock.

Are plants in my Shopping Cart reserved?

Sorry but no, they are not reserved. Plants are only guaranteed as yours once your order is confirmed. If a plant is in your cart others may still buy it. After the order is processed you can see what you have ordered by signing in and clicking on 'My Account'. This record will remain in your account.

What is the process for ordering plants in the shop? - Detailed answer

  1. Select the plant/plants you want, size and time options from the drop down list. Quantity discounts, if offered, will be calculated automatically.
  2. Go to 'Checkout' and follow the instructions to confirm your order.
  3. You will be asked to choose a date for collection, please select one from the calendar.
  4. For all advance orders we will send a confirmation by email before requesting payment.
  5. Once confirmation of your order is received we will agree a date/dates you can collect your plants - please see delivery/collection in our FAQ's.
  6. After confirmation of your order we send you a Factura/Invoice by email to request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total order including taxes. Orders less than €50 must be paid in full.
  7. This is payable by Multibanco (a payment reference will be included) or by bank transfer or other agreed method. Methods of payment will be detailed in this email.
  8. This offer will be held open for 48 hours, thereafter we will not hold the plants and they will be available to other customers.
  9. Please understand that it takes time to propagate plants so we cannot guarantee the same species/sizes will always be available throughout the year.

When and how do I pay for my plants? - Short answer.

On orders over €50 please pay 50% of the value when we agree the order with you and the balance when you collect the plants. All invoices will be issued online and you will be sent a receipt for the payments you make. You can track your orders and the order status at any time by visiting 'My Account' so long as you use the same email address.

How do stock numbers and availability work in the shop?

The number of plants definately available is shown for each species and automatically adjusts when a customer makes an order. If a plant is shown with no availability or stock it does not necessarily mean it cannot be produced for you. Much depends on the time of the year, when you want the plant and the type of species. For example if we can only produce a species from seed and we have none remaining there is not much we can do. By contrast some species such as Salvias can be propagated relatively quickly from cuttings. If you put "Out of Stock" items in your Wishlist you can easily check when they are available again. Please do keep checking the shop as stock is being added regularly. In most circumstances you can order the plant for the following season, if in doubt please contact us.