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Agave bracteosa

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Product Details
Tipo de planta: Succulent | Suculenta
Boa planta para: Containers | Vasos
Natural de: Mexico
Flower colour | Cor da flor: White | Branco
Stock disponível em | Stock available in: 7 Litre
This plant is offered in an AS Fibre Pot. Preparation will take between 4 and 6 weeks from the date of your order: .
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Squid Agave, is a small spineless Mexican species growing to around 40cm tall and gradually clumping with offsets to around 60cm wide. It has fine curved flexible leaves with no sharp teeth or terminal spike. It makes a nice compact specimen suitable for a container or as an individual feature in a rockery. It will eventually send up a tall flower spike and the flowering rosette will die, but the younger plants in the clump will continue to grow.

It is cold hardy. Drought and heat tolerant.

Unlike the hard leaf Agaves, these do not seem to attract the Agave weevil, at least not in our nursery.

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