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Portulacaria afra

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Product Details
Tipo de planta: Small shrub | Pequeno arbusto
Boa planta para: Everywhere
Natural de: South Africa
Flower colour | Cor da flor: Pink | Rosa
Flowering season | Época de floração: Winter | Inverno
Available for advance pre-order only | Disponível apenas para pré-encomenda avançada: .
Stock disponível em | Stock available in: 4 Litre Vase - 40/50 cm multi-stem plant
Mass planting options | Opções de plantação em grande escala: For hedging, please ask
This plant is offered in an AS Fibre Pot. Preparation will take between 4-6 weeks from the date of your order | Esta planta é oferecida num vaso de fibras AS. A preparação levará entre 4 e 6 semanas: .
NOTA -: Large mature specimen plants available
----------------------: ----------------------

Elephant bush. Can grow to 2,5m or more. Recently found to be effective in carbon sequestration. It is drought adapted, ideal as a specimen or succulent hedge. Fire resistant and transplants easily, even large plants will establish within a season. An extremely useful plant to provide some cover on dry rocky slopes, looks good interplanted among other species to provide cover and structure in the garden. This plant also makes a good specimen in a container or pot and will withstand extreme conditions such as those on a western or south facing balcony.

We have many different sizes available to order in advance.

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