Kalanchoe thyrsiflora close up of foliage

Rhamnus lycioides subsp. oleoides

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Boa planta para: Dry gardens. Wildlife.
Natural de: Mediterranean basin
Flower colour | Cor da flor: White | Branco
Flowering season | Época de floração: Spring | Primavera
This plant is offered in an AS Fibre Pot. Preparation will take between 4-6 weeks from the date of your order | Esta planta é oferecida num vaso de fibras AS. A preparação levará entre 4 e 6 semanas: .
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Mediterranean buckthorn. A slow growing sub shrub up to about 1 metre tall, found in the Mediterranean region and southern Europe. It survives even in severely degraded drylands as a pioneer species. The species is resilient to overgrazing and trampling by livestock. The berries are poisonous to mammals, but not birds. Extremely valuable to small birds for its fruit and as the protection and support for their nests. It is suitable as a mixed hedging species due to its dense, spikey habit.

It is very resistant to drought, preferring calcareous soils.

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