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Tradescantia sillamontana

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Plant Type: Creeping ground cover
Aspect: Dry sunny areas. Tolerates some foot traffic.
Foliage: Winter dormant
Flower colour: Purple
Flowering period: Spring and summer
Growth form: Herbaceous perennial
Size - height & spread : 15cm x 60cm
Soil type/requirements: Free draining, especially important in winter
Water requirements (established plants): Natural rainfall
Native Distribution: Mexico

White Velvet. Low growing grey-green, succulent leaves covered in soft, white, cobwebby and woolly hairs. Small bright pink flowers in summer. Ground cover for dry sun if you have some depth of soil for the roots but equally happy in a bit of shade.

Flowering in summer is quite abundant, if well-cultivated. The plant quickly loses its desirable appearance with excessive watering, too much shade, and an excess of nitrogen. Spraying the leaves with water is not recommended at all, but monthly watering is beneficial during the growing season. Soil needs to have good drainage, so planting on slopes or rockeries is ideal. It may die back in cold winters and sprout again in spring. Remove old dry leaves in winter to keep it tidy and prevent dampness around the emerging shoots. The plant can be divided in Spring.

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