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Aloe x nobilis & Alfarroba parkland
Ballota pseudodictamnus

A wide range of dry land species

Plants adapted to dry land conditions - we grow plants that are adapted to the conditions in Portugal and southern Spain, both mediterranean species and some appropriate succulents.

We offer a range of species that are typical of the worldwide mediterranean climate zones. These plants offer a large range of foliage types, colours and flowers.

Salvia amplexicaulis

Compact plants with well developed root systems 

We grow our plants -

only to order, the plants you need, ready for you at the best time for planting.

at the best sizes for planting in our harsh southern Iberian climate zones.

in small quantities, just enough for our clients needs.

at the right time of year for them to establish and start growing.

Group of Aeoniums at Monserrate

More sustainable gardens - we have a changing climate, experiencing hotter drier summers and unreliable rain during winter. People are becoming conscious of the ‘cost’ of irrigation water in all senses of the word and are aiming to create more sustainable gardens.

By choosing plants that are naturally adapted to these conditions, we can enjoy a garden that is varied and attractive throughout the year.

Plants grown in the Algarve, in the sun, wind and rain - the way they will live in the future

Anti-spiral grid containers
Fibre pot showing root penetration
Downward growing fibrous root sytems, no spiralling

We grow our plants in ...

We supply our plants in ...

And we sell our plants in ..

Anti-spiral grid pots - our plants have their roots air pruned while growing in the nursery.


This produces a strong compact plant with an excellent well developed root system. Tough plants for tough sites.

Completely bio-degradable fibre pots, there are no wasted plastics,  the plastic containers stay with us in the nursery to re-use time and time again.


If you are not familiar with these pots please read the next section on 

anti-spiral fibre pots - read more.

Biodegradable anti-spiral fibre pots - Small well developed young plants with excellent deep roots.


We produce plants in special fibre pots ready to plant  straight into the ground without disturbing the roots.

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