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A little bit about how we grow our plants

Dietes grandiflora
Agapanthus praecox 'Getty White'
Teucrium hircanicum
Lavandula multifida

Plants supplied in anti-spiral fibre pots Click on image to enlarge

Compact tough little plants with well developed root systems

Roots allow a plant to absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil so a healthy root system is the key to a healthy plant. Our production uses anti-spiraling technology that encourages deep roots in our containers.


This system produces a strong healthy plant with a much better chance of surviving and establishing quickly when it is planted in the ground.


Most plants don't like growing in pots so we try to keep them just long enough to mature and develop the best root to shoot ratio. This means they are as strong and healthy as possible when you plant them into the soil.

AS Grid pots

Open base anti-spiral grid pot

Anti-spiral grid pot production - features

For the best early root growth we establish our plants in deep anti-spiral grid pots before transferring them to fibre pots.

These compact young plants are grown outside in the sun, wind and rain - the way they live in the future. Most of these plants are only produced for one season ensuring they are young and vigorous which helps them establish quickly in the garden.

Our grid pots also have deep anti-spiraling indentations in the wall that guide the roots downwards and naturally prune them as they come into contact with air. This creates a much denser fibrous root system within the pot.


We use coir fibre from renewable sources mixed with live compost, organic fertilisers and vermicompost to ensure our plants are strong and healthy. These live mixes encourage the development of soil microbial activity and this gives our plants a head start when planted into the soil.

  • Compact plants with excellent root to shoot ratio’s

  • Plants are young and vigorous with deep healthy roots

  • No wasted plastics involved in our production

We do not use any growth inhibitors or pesticides in the production of our plants. Most of our production is organic but we do use some specialist slow release fertilizers in very controlled amounts.

AS Fibre pots

Bio-degradable wood fibre pot

Anti-spiral fibre pots - features

Well developed young plants with excellent deep roots!

Fibre pots are 0,8 & 1,4 Litres and 19 cm deep - there is no need to remove the pot

Why produce plants in these pots? With our fibre pots the plants go straight into the ground thus avoiding “transplantation shock”. We only use natural low nitrogen fertilisers, coir and compost substrate, this mixture together with the fibre pot gives excellent penetrability to water.

While growing in the nursery the plant roots are naturally entwined in the fibre and pruned by the air. This builds up a dense protected root system. Like our open grid pots, this action also prevents roots from spiraling. The pots are made from virgin wood fibre from renewable sources and do not contain any additives.

These fibre pots are totally bio-degradable in the soil so we (and you!) have no plastic wastage or re-cycling responsibilities.


  • Avoid transplant shock when planting

  • Plants are young and vigorous and not root bound

  • Pots are deep and prevent shallow spiraling root growth

  • Completely bio-degradable, no plastics involved

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